Sun Trip Tour

Sun Trip Tour

Smile / 2017

To promote the beginning of a service including data analysis, embedded technology and data visualisation, Smile participate in the Sun Trip Tour challenge with a solar bike they made themselves, connected to locals servers and analysing the live streams of data during the run.

With this design, we wanted to let viewers follow our participants and experienced the road by seeing the photos taken along the road, and dive deep into the technicals aspects in a fun and colorful way. 

The project isn’t online due to technicals issues.


The initial brief was to have an iframe on a template website displaying the bike’s dashboard in real time. As part of the team wasn’t working on anything at the time, we pushed the benefits to build something a bit more elaborate.

We started by asking what exactly the R&D team wanted to promote inside our company and outside by participating in the competition and having a tool to follow them. Which was new skills in embedded technolgies, big data and others.

Then, a strategy and research phase was schedule to have some datas on how build a datavisualisation about cycling and energy to encourage people interested in sports and technologies to follow the course of our runners and how the electricals bikes helped them depending on conditions.

The outputs took the form of personas, informations architecture, user stories and a list of warning about how too raw informations oriented dataviz can discourage part of our audience. Also, as it’s a run, and that french people love putting others people in competitionswith each others, we added a versus option to have a splitscreen view on

With that, we chose to build a playful interface in two layers, one being the real time evolution of the race and the other being the datas accumulated.


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